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 HomeFilmComedyRolling Family a film by Pablo Trapero
Rolling Family a film by Pablo Trapero

Rolling Family

directorPablo Trapero



Running Time95 Minutes

RatingNot Rated

“BIG-HEARTED! offers a ground-level view of family values that transcends geographic borders.” – Stephen Holden, The New York Times

"Trapero's multi-generational road trip is a DELIGHTFUL, natural affair..." - Screen International

Rolling Family Trailer

ROLLING FAMILY is a warm, vivacious comedy about love, life, laughter and the compromises we make for family. When Emilia (Chironi), an Argentinean grandmother, is invited to be the 'matron of honor' at the wedding of a distant niece, she invites her whole family to accompany her. They set off in a 1956 Chevy Viking camper on a cross country journey to the border of Argentina and Brazil. Between the starting point of Buenos Aires and the destination of Misiones, all the anger, sorrow, attraction and warmth between four cramped generations comes to the surface. ROLLING FAMILY is a joyful and complex film that illuminates family life filled with affection, melancholy, and plenty of humor.

Making of featurette
Argentinean theatrical trailer
US theatrical trailer
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