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Sunday Driver

Sunday Driver

directorCarol Strong




SUNDAY DRIVER is a documentary film that chronicles the Majestics, California's oldest black lowrider car club originally founded in Compton, CA.

An upfront look at the guys behind the chrome, SUNDAY DRIVER is the story of the founding members of the club living the lowriding lifestyle, constantly under scrutiny by the cops.

In candid interviews recorded while hanging out with the club, the passions of a unique group of car enthusiasts are revealed as they strive to outlive their past, working together to realize their dream of building the ultimate customized lowrider.


After watching a broadcast on the local news about lowriders "causing a disturbance" on Crenshaw Boulevard, muscle car enthusiast Carol Strong was immediately taken in by what she saw, and was intrigued to learn more about the people behind the controversial recreation of lowriding.

After an initially lukewarm reception from the Majestics, she met Fredrick “Gangster” Staves, who gave her permission to film some of their signature cars. Because of his approval, she was soon attending Majestics meetings and weekend competitions, eventually getting the opportunity to ride in the cars themselves. The first-time filmmaker chronicled the group for nearly a decade in the making of Sunday Driver.


Founded in California in 1972 by Kevin Smith, the Majestics are a pioneering lowrider specialty car club. Since their inception, the Majestics have grown exponentially with chapters across the United States and in Japan, Canada and Australia. One of the most well known and respected car clubs in the world, the Majestics are known not only for their beautiful vehicles but for embodying lowriding itself as a way of life.

Much more than a hobby, lowriding is all about cultivating the personality of a car, and Majestic vehicles are built with that standard of uniquity and character in mind.

For a Majestic, the highest possible honor is to receive a plaque, the distinctive gold name plate to be displayed in the rear window of the car. A Majestics plaque represents the culmination of months, and sometimes years, of painstaking customization. The plaque serves as a mark of lowriding prestige - and as a signal of protection under the auspices of the club, a valuable commodity in the streets of Los Angeles.

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