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The CRONICAS soundtrack showcases a fascinating fusion of different types of Latin-American music. From folk songwriters and singers like Hugo Idrovo or Carlota Jaramillo, to a mix of pop, salsa and technocumbia, the type of music you listen to in a coastal town in Ecuador ranges from very poetic to extremely kitsch.

Featuring exclusive track "Nuestro Juramento" performed by CAFE TACVBA. Original Music from the Award Winning Composer of CITY OF GOD.

1. Primera Crónica - Antonio Pinto
2. El Monstruo - Antonio Pinto
3. Aunque Me Duela La Vida - Sidestepper
4. La Movida - Antonio Pinto and Hugo Idrovo
5. Manolo - Antonio Pinto
6. Papi Love Me - Antonio Pinto, Salazar and Piroman
7. El Picó - Bacalao Men
8. La Hora Lila - Hugo Idrovo
9. Nuestro Juramnento - Café Tacvba
10. Puente - Antonio Pinto
11. Madre de Dios - Antonio Pinto and Yaniel Mattos
12. Interrogatorio - Antonio Pinto
13. Los Campos Verdes - Jinsop
14. La Marofa de Iván - Antonio Pinto and Gui Amabis
15. Esta es la Crónica - Antonio Pinto and Salazar
16. Soledad - Antonio Pinto and Los Shajatos
17. Ultima Crónica - Antonio Pinto
18. Esta Pena Mia - Carlota Jaramillo

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Director: Sebastian Cordero

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