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The Buena Vibra Sound System

The Buena Vibra Sound System




“[Sidestepper's Richard Blair] took Latin music production beyond mere sampling or playing a congra riff and assembled a band featuring musicians from all regions of Colombia...summery Spanish-language vocals and mid-tempo electronic beats perfect for an early evening DJ set or change of direction from downtempo to house.” XLR8R

1. Sidestepper 1:36 [original mix]

2. Mas Papaya 5:27 [lightning head remix - previously unreleased]

3. Que Sera 5:28 [previously unreleased song]

4. Me Voy Andando 1:56 [remix of "Andando" - previously unreleased]

5. Deja Soft 4:32 [Richard Blair remix - previously unreleased]

6. San Juan 5:04 [previously unreleased song]

7. La Bara Ratin 6:06 [remix of "La Bara" - previously unreleased]

8. Me Voy Tripeando 3:12 [previously unreleased song]

9. Chimical 0:56 [original mix]

10. Hoy Tenemos 4:52 [Boyz From Brasil remix - previously unreleased]

11. La Paloma 6:27 [12" mix - previously unreleased]

[album plays as continuous mix]

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