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Mandela: Son of Africa, Father of a Nation

directorJo Menell & Angus Gibson



Running Time118

RatingNot Rated


"Enjoy this film knowing that the victory portrayed was as a result of countless sacrifices by thousands of South Africans who believed in justice for all." - Nelson Mandela

"MANDELA delivers a powerful emotional charge in its closing scenes of the Nobel Prize and Mandela's election victory... it is one of the most inspiring stories of our time." - Roger Ebert

The Academy Award®-nominated MANDELA delves into the fascinating personal and political life of the most influential leader in South Africa – Nelson Mandela. This film goes beyond the political history, sharing a rich insight into his early years as a young tribal leader and his development into the voice of freedom.

An unforgettable chronicle of one man’s journey for justice and equality inside a morally corrupt country, Mandela’s selfless devotion to his people and the right to freedom is an inspiration to all. He speaks with startling candor, allowing cameras for the first time, full and free access to his private office and home.

MANDELA is an important historical document that shall live on forever as the story of the father of a nation and the son of Africa.

Produced by Jonathan Demme.

28 Pages of historic essays and photographs


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